Vivek Srikumar, Gourab Kundu and Dan Roth
EMNLP 2012.


This paper deals with the problem of predicting structures in the context of NLP. Typically, in structured prediction, an inference procedure is applied to each example independently of the others. In this paper, we seek to optimize the time complexity of inference over entire datasets, rather than individual examples. By considering the general inference representation provided by integer linear programs, we propose three exact inference theorems which allow us to re-use earlier solutions for certain instances, thereby completely avoiding possibly expensive calls to the inference procedure. We also identify several approximation schemes which can provide further speedup. We instantiate these ideas to the structured prediction task of semantic role labeling and show that we can achieve a speedup of over 2.5 using our approach while retaining the guarantees of exactness and a further speedup of over 3 using approximations that do not degrade performance.


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