The slides and resources for each lecture will be updated after the class. The schedule below is tentative and both the order and the content may change as the semester goes along.

Date Topic  
21-Aug Introduction & Logistics  
23-Aug Neural Networks, computation graphs  
28-Aug PyTorch tutorial  
30-Aug Word embeddings Project 1 start
4-Sep Labor day  
6-Sep Word Embeddings (continued)  
11-Sep Word Embeddings (continued)  
13-Sep Application: Dependency Parsing  
18-Sep Dependency Parsing (continued)  
20-Sep Dependency parsing (continued) Project 1 due
    Project 2 available
25-Sep Recurrent neural networks  
27-Sep Recurrent neural networks (continued)  
2-Oct Contextualized embeddings with RNNs, ELMo  
4-Oct Language Modeling Project 2 due
9-Oct Fall break  
11-Oct Fall break  
16-Oct Language Modeling (continued) Project 3 available
18-Oct Highway connections and Residual Networks  
23-Oct Attention (continued)  
25-Oct Semantic Role Labeling BYOP Proposal due
30-Oct Transformers  
1-Nov Application: Translation  
6-Nov BERT Project 3 due
    Project 4 available
8-Nov Application: Textual Entailment  
13-Nov Application: Reading Comprehension  
  Encoder-Decoder models: T5  
13-Nov Encoder-Decoder models (continued)  
  Decoder-only models: GPT  
20-Nov Decoding Algorithms  
22-Nov Prompting and in-context learning Project 4 due
27-Nov Scaling laws  
29-Nov Instruction tuning  
4-Dec Reinforcement learning with human feedback  
  Societal issues in modern NLP  
6-Dec Project discussion Final exam available
13-Dec   Final exam, BYOP due

Important dates

Date Milestone
30 Aug Project 1 available
13 Sep Project 1 due
  Project 2 available
4 Oct Project 2 due
16 Oct Project 3 available
25 Oct BYOP proposal due
6 Nov Project 3 due
  Project 4 available
22 Nov Project 4 due
6 Dec Final exam available
13 Dec BYOP due
13 Dec Final exam due