Deep Learning for NLP

CS 6956, Spring 2019

Reviews and Presentations

  1. Paper reviews
  2. Class presentations

Paper Reviews

You can select starred papers on the lecture pages to review. One constraint is that you cannot review a paper that you present in the class. There may be additional restrictions on the choice of the starred papers for review in the class.

You can submit your review any time before the deadline via Canvas.

I am hoping that the reviews will be like peer reviews for conference or journal papers. We will use a Canvas form for this purpose.

For each paper, you should first start off with a one paragraph description of the core contribution of the paper in your own words, followed by a list of pros and cons of the approach. After this, you should be creative and discuss how you would extend or develop this paper, if you had been the author. End the review with questions, doubts, or any thoughts about the paper. You could also list experiments or results that you think would strengthen the paper.

Some tips:

Some resources to help you write better reviews:

Class presentations

You can select any of the starred papers on the lecture page to present in class. You can not present a paper that you have chosen to review.

The papers will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. If you really feel that you want to present a paper, select it early by emailing me the title of the paper. Class presentations will start after the September 23rd. They will be scheduled so that common topics are grouped together.

Your presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes long. Typically that would be about 15 slides. You can structure it as follows:

After you present, please email me the slides (pptx and/or pdf) to be posted on the class website.

Remember: Your presentation should aim to encourage discussion among the students about the topic of the paper. Your grade for the presentation will based on three criteria: quality (slides and presenting), understanding of the content (including the ability to explain and answer any questions) and discussions initiated (points brought up). You are welcome to post messages on the class newsgroup before/after the presentation to engage the class in a discussion

Some tips on presenting:

Some resources: