Machine Learning

CS 5350/6350, Fall 2019


Please go to the canvas assignments page for viewing and submitting homeworks.

The following information mirrors and expands upon the homework policies in the course information page.

Your assignments must be submitted electronically on Canvas by midnight of the due date. Detailed instructions for submission will accompany each assignment. Hand written assignments or printouts will not be accepted or graded.

Instructions for programming assignments

  1. We strongly prefer that you use Python for the programming assignments. (We will allow other languages with permission.) Individual assignments may also include additional restrictions.

  2. However, your program must compile and run on the CADE machines without us having to install any new programs or libraries. You will receive no credit for programs that don’t run on the CADE machines. Of course, you could write the code on your own machines and test it on the servers.

  3. Your submission should include a readme.txt file that gives instructions for how to run your code. A submission that does not include a readme file will not be executed by the TAs or the instructor and you will receive no credit for that submission.

Late policy

All assignments must be submitted by the deadline. We will use the timestamp on Canvas as the submission time. Assignments will be accepted up to 24 hours after deadline, but will be assessed a 10% penalty. That is, if your assignment is late and scores 90, then your actual grade will be 81 = 90 - 9.

Assignments will not be accepted 24 hours after the deadline.

We will be strict about this policy: If the deadline is midnight and you submit the assignment at 12:01 AM, you will face the 10% penalty!